Thursday, August 16, 2007

I have lived

I'm moving again. It's all very exciting, but the amount of stuff I've acquired in the last year is terrifying. After just packing two closets, I can tell this move isn't going to be as quick and easy as the last.

My sister says that's what happens when you've lived. And I have lived!
I have picked up a lot of stuff since I've moved to Idaho, but I'm realizing slowly that it's really all junk.
But my sister was sympathetic, and to show that she wasn't sad to be related to someone with pack-rat tendencies, she treated me and Matt to a pop rocks show. Doesn't her head look like it's about the explode?


Dave & Chels said...

You're moving? Where are you going to live now? -Chels

Mary said...

That's a nice picture. :) I think there may have been more to my sentance about "that because you have lived" that just didn't make it out in time for the quote. But that's ok-- it happens to me a lot. Anyway, I hope you're having fun in Indiana this weekend!

Lorraine said...

Yeah. Let's hear about this moving business.