Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sunburn Adventure AKA Snow Shoeing

Last Saturday, I went Snow Shoeing in Kilgore, Idaho at "The Crater," a little ranch with a big name. There's only one way to get to The Crater this time of year, and it's not the way we went at first.

These are my friends, Jonathan and Alisa, who came on this little adventure with me. We are standing at the end of the road that runs by the St. Anthony sand dunes (hwy 33). Well, not exactly the end of the road, just the end of the plowed road. There is a five foot mound of snow blocking the road behind us.

This is how beautiful the day was. Mountains, clouds, and nothing but white snow in front of us (and hopefully a little cabin where we can stop and have lunch). The snow was even fresh. It had fallen while we were driving. But, no worries, the sun came out as soon as we found the ranch gate.

I'm not going to lie. I'm really out of shape and we walked for what felt like forever, even though it was only about a mile and a half. Jonathan went on cross country skis, and he went up every hill he could find so he could ski down. Alisa and I just went around most of them.

Ah! we made it. It looks way different in the snow. The whole time I was thinking, "I hope I'm in the right place." But even if I wasn't, who would know? There was no one else for miles.
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Ellen said...

Thanks for the rest of the story, I wondered how you got that sunburn in the middle of the winter.