Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So Thankful!

On Monday, I became a cousin all over again! I love it. Ivy Lena Perry was born to my cousins Nat and Steve. See? See?

I don't know how I became so blessed, but I made it to the instant text list! How fun is that.

On Tuesday, my visiting teachers came over to share messages of hope and positive attitudes. Which I needed! and then Matt and I watched a movie and ate fried chicken. (Yum, Yum, my favorite.)

Today, Matt and I are driving down to Utah to spend Thanksgiving family style! I'm oh so very excited. On the way down we're going to work on our music collections. =) We have some good ones.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am sooo very grateful for you. Whether you are family or friends, coworkers, or past roommates, you have added something to my life that I'd rather not try to do without. Thanks for your love and everything you've taught me though your examples and faith. Have a Happy Thankful Thursday!

And did I mention: Matthew Calvin Jackson!
The BIG 16
Happy Birthday!

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Susannah said...

Hey, when are you going to put some wedding pics on this thing???????