Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fishing Pics

These are the falls we fished by. It was beautiful there. It was rocky. There is a trail that leads to the top of the falls from the road, but we traipsed down a dried up mudslide bed to the left of it.

This is the fish we caught. When I say we, I mean Matt hooked it, Katie reeled it in, and I caught it in the net. Teamwork at it's finest. We caught this one at 11:00 and it was the only caught all day. We didn't have any other choice but to share the glory.

This is the crew. Matt on the left, Katie in the middle, and Jeff on the right.


Mary said...

How abut some pictures from the white trash party? :)

Matthew said...

That is one big fish that was caught. What kind was it? That looks like a lot of fun. You should have jumped in the falls.

Sar said...