Thursday, December 27, 2007

How I spent my first Christmas away from home.

I just want to start off by saying that driving all by my lonesome for 4 hours makes me a little goofy. That said, look what Mary and I did on Saturday night when I got into Provo.

We took a little walk outside, but it was so cold we had to utilize all of our coats. Mine actually buttons to the top like that. Now that is some kind of popped collar.

When we got inside, Mary's friend Mattie offered us Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow (singular). Mary fit two into her cup, but I didn't want to risk getting my cocoa dammed up.

We didn't want to go outside again to find real dinner so we ordered Chinese. That's right, we made someone else go outside for us. But it was worth it just for this . . .

After we three English Majors had a really good laugh, and cry (tears of joy that is), we opened our fortunes. The extra one, which I assumed was for all of us, said, "Watching a movie would be a good way to spend the evening." How could we resist, especially with The Alligator People so close by. Just kidding we watched Oceans 13.

Mary and I dropped Mattie off at the airport Christmas Eve. On Christmas day, we shoveled some snow and took some pictures. I've never been bold enough to throw a snowball at an unsuspecting person, but I just couldn't resist this time. Yep, that's me winding up. I think it helped my pluck knowing that Mary and I would shortly be getting our backsides completely snow covered as we made angels.

There it is, my first White Christmas. It had to be away from home. I didn't hear any sleigh bells, but somehow Santa found me just the same.


Gitana said...

good pictures...!!!!

Mary said...

I like it. I like you. How are you?