Friday, December 21, 2007

Swing Your Partner

At Williams wedding, Mary told us all about "Dance by Change."

Dance by Chance is an off-beat program of dance where chance takes charge. CHANCE determines the audience members’ admission price as they pick from a deck of cards at the door. CHANCE determines the dances on the program as audience members spin a wheel to determine the dances that will be performed. CHANCE adds a comic flair to the show.

It sounded like so much fun and really made me want to dance so much that when and opportunity came, I didn't think about what I was really getting myself into. . . . .

Last night I went to a "Practice" where we sat around for 45 minutes to define square dancing, then realized we were putting something silly together for a skit. I threw out some moves (literally flung them out there) with the help of my dancing friend Tom, and 5 minutes later we had a "routine."

Now all we have to do is number the different parts and have the audience roll the dice! "Square Dance by Chance." If you're in Idaho Falls for New Years come by my party for a little show.

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