Monday, January 7, 2008


Have you ever tried to read what is on the bottom of a plastic cup while you're drinking out of it. I do it all of the time. My Reading Research teacher always said most people have no choice, if you're literate your mind just reads, whether you're aware that you're reading or not. Well, my mind reads the bottom of plastic cups from the wrong side, and then the rest of me tries to figure out what that backwards word is really supposed to be.

I know it would be much easier to finish drinking and tip the cup over so the words would be right, but what is the fun in that. It's kind of like life, you know. We go around look at thinks in our narrow way, through a clear plastic tunnel, never thinking that we could just step out, turn it over, and get a better view.

Enough theory. I just thought it was funny that I talked about "It's a Wonderful Life" Saturday, and my cup said "BEDFORD" on the bottom of it today.

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Mary said...

I loves it. And I laughed about the library thing too. :)