Thursday, February 14, 2008

Actual Real Life

"Sam went to Bajing, in actual real life China." - Doug McDavid

I was watching a colloguia speach about 3D internet and virtual technology. McDavid was talking about the beginnings of Second Life, and what I always feared about virtual media, people getting confused about their virtual life and their real life, happened. McDavid was never confused, which is good, but I was a little confused listening to him.

How would it be to not have enough of this life, or to not like this life so much, and have to create a new life, on the side. It sounds to me like a very large juggling act. How do you remember if you talked to someone in real life or virtually, and how do you make it clear to other people that you visited China on your comunter, that you didn't actually leave home. Yicks.

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