Friday, February 29, 2008

The wonderful thing about Tigger

So, I've been working on something for a very long time. a little project that was kind of a "special order" for my nephew. And since it's really for him, and he can't read, I don't think I would be spoiling any of the fun if I posted my progress here. So, Lorraine, so you can see that I haven't forgotten about your precious little one-year-old.

A few months ago I was making something else for my other one-year-old nephew (but I can save on shipping by sending them together, so don't wait for the mail just yet.) It was so funny to do because every time I finished a part my roommates would clap and make some funny joke about random body parts lying around the house. Well, it was funny to me anyway.

This one is funny too, because when my roommate walks in and sees me crocheting she says something like, "There you are, making Pooh again."

I'm so excited to show you the next part . . . when I finish it that is.


Anonymous said...

Well, *that* is super-cute. You are very talented!

Dave & Chels said...

I haven't read your blog for a long time, (or anyone else's, for that matter) and I am so excited you thought of me with that elephant book! I was just wondering what book I should read next, and you answered it for me! It looks SO good - you know me so well. :) I am going to inter-library loan it asap. Oh yeah, and B can't wait for his gift his aunt Sarah is making for him! No pressure, though. :)