Sunday, March 2, 2008

Reading, what's that?

I forgot that one of the greatest downfall for me of going back to school is not having time to read what I want. I wanted to let you guys know that, time or no time, I'm doing it anyway. I'm just learning to read faster and to read at odd times during the day. ie: always take a book with you to the grocery store because the five minutes waiting in line to check out will feel like 30 seconds. Or, leave a book in the car just in case you end up waiting for someone or something, But, resist the temptation to read at stop lights.

I'm just posting this to say that I've updated my "what I'm reading" list, if anyone wants to see what I'm really reading right now, and not what I was reading before.


Heather said...

Dad would read at the stop lights. That is how he got through many "Best Sellers" from library loan. But I understand that you could get involved in a book and have everyone honking at you too.

Ben said...

I hope you enjoy Fable Haven and Leven Thumps. I just finished reading the third Leven and am almost eagerly anticpating the 3rd Fablehaven, due out in April, I think.

I am also currently rading Jesus, the Christ.

What a great list!

Are you familiar with Lauren Child? SHe writes the Clarice Bean and the Charlie and Lola series, among other childrens books. Sh'e Evelyn's (and mine)current favorite and I highly reccomend them! Enjoy!