Thursday, March 27, 2008

disillutionment and the search for a good handbag

Every idealist comes to a point in their professional career when they decide to stop fooling themselves. They realize that what they really want to do, which is usually play some role, no matter how small, in bringing about World Peace, is really just a dream and that under their current working conditions . . . what ever those might be, they will continue to do what is required of them on a day to day basis until the inevitable occurs:

They end their current careers to become large scale abstract artists in Minnesota.

Or, if they are Children's Librarians, they might just go "shopping" for a new handbag.

I picked up a few free ones from the vendors this year that I really like. The theme seems to be red and white, maybe in honor of Target! Maybe not, either way I'm still a fan.

This first one, as you can see is better than the standard library conference bag. It has a front pocket and a red reinforced bottom, and who wouldn't love to take a Merrian-Webster bag to the beach. "Very Smart." "Two thumbs up."

This next one is snazzy. It has a rounded bottom and grosgrain ribbon for handles in red, white, and blue. Scholastic was very generous. I thought I had found the best of this year's bags with this one, but then,
I found this little gem. This came at a small price, that's how good it is. It's a small bag, just big enough for a few paper backs or my scriptures, with a nice pen pocket on the front. I sat through a 10 minute presentation and asked one dumb question to "win" this bag.

With prize in hand, I'm now happy to go back to work and face another day as a Children's Librarian without accomplishing my greater goal of World Peace.


Deep in the Heart of Texas said...

VERY cute. A new handbag can make my week. (I'm such a girl.) Those come in handy in so many situations, especially when you have children. I am jealous! I KNEW there was a reason I wanted to become a librarian!!

brandon&celia said...

Sarah!! I'm so glad you found our blog! And ever more glad that you have one too! It's so fun to hear "the sound of your voice" in your writing!