Saturday, October 25, 2008

"He's Got Some Dough!"

Wednesday, I was thinking all day that the weather is perfect for making doughnuts. (Wednesday in Idaho Falls the temp was 19 F with a feel temp of 50 F.) To my surprise (I'm still always surprised when this happens) and excitement, Matt called me up Wednesday night to ask if we could make doughnuts Thursday! =) Can I just say we're M.F.E.O.!!!

So Thursday, Matt picked me up and we went to get "ingredients." (I was not prepared for what was about to happen!) As we drove to the store I naively questioned, "what do we need, I have flour; I have yeast," each time, looking at him to see if that is the ingredient he thought we were missing. "Do we need eggs? No, we have LOTS of eggs; I have milk . . . wait, I don't have milk. We need milk." He smiled. I thought for sure we were going to the store for milk.

We walked in and went straight back to the dairy section, right past the milk, and over to the biscuits. He asked me what kind I wanted. I was so confused! He said, "Haven't you ever made biscuit doughnuts before?"

Nope! I had no clue that was possible. I don't even consider canned biscuits to be made of real dough. Don't ask me why. It just seems fake to me, and because of that fact, in a last ditch effort to save "homemade doughnut night" I suggested that we pick up some yummy pre-made pizza dough as well.

We were at a place where you bag it yourself, so at the check out, as I walked down to the end to bag, Matt put 5 cans of biscuits and one bag of pizza dough on the belt. "Wow! that's a lot of dough," said the lady at the register. Then she turned to me and laughed, "He's got some dough." I smiled and winked and said, "I know. That's why I like him." She went on about the dough, because honestly, it was a pretty funny joke (at the time), and then we bagged and ran.

Back at home Matt heated oil and cut holes. I steered clear (because bad things happen when I stand by Matt & hot oil at the same time . . . but that's another story) and carved more pumpkins. About 5 minutes later, Matt handed me the most perfect looking doughnut I've never tasted! And it was good. It didn't even taste like biscuits. I was impressed!

Not only does he have some dough . . . he knows what to do with it!

Here's what you will need to repeat this adventure for yourself:

1 can of any kind of biscuits

1 pot of cooking oil

1 large round bottle cap

cinnamon-sugar in a bowl.

paper towel

medal salad tongs or a slotted spoon

Here's what you do:

Heat oil. Mix cinnamon-sugar in a wide mouth bowl. Open the biscuits and reshape them on the counter. Use the bottle cap to make a hole in the middle of each biscuit. When oil is hot enough, drop each piece in and cook until golden brown. Remove with tongs or slotted spoon. tap on paper towel. Cover with cinnamon-sugar. Eat!

If you decide to try my idea and use pizza dough, just make the doughnuts and then let the dough rise in a low heated oven before frying.


Dave & Chels said...

Those sound so good right now! I've made biscuits where you roll them in butter and cinnamon & sugar and cook them, but I've never tried putting them in oil first. We might have to make those soon...

Emily M said...

Yummy! Jack was going on and on about some girl named "Sarah the story girl." And I couldn't think of who he meant for a long time, but you saw where this was going from the start. This kid! You have made quite the impression. SO, if you guys would love to, will you come to Halloween dinner with us? We can eat and trick-or-treat immediately thereafter. It should be fun. We can do a big pot of soup and rolls and then candy, candy, candy, candy.

lizzy said...

I know how you felt about the pre-made dough. I'm used to making things from scratch too. You'll have to post your recipe. Have a great halloween!

Robert, Jeana, and Brooke said...

Sarah, I just have to say congrats one more time!! I am so excited for you to get married. I haven't been to your blog for awhile and was reading some of the older posts and it does seem like you guys are perfect for each other. Congrats!-jeana