Monday, January 12, 2009

Maybe I'm just hungry

I just read a book that made me hungry and made me laugh at the same time. I am a little hungry. This morning I put a Texas style brisket in the oven to slow cook, and during lunch (because the top element in my oven is broken) I went home to flip it over. One sniff of that and I've been dreaming of dinner ever since.

Sort of silly then that a book with lemons and bananas on the cover can make my mouth water.

Counting Crocodiles by Judy Sierra; illustrated by Will Hillenbrand

I hope you can find it at your library. It's a counting book with a very fun rhyme.

Here is a haiku and a short cooking tip too, because it's been so long since I've offered anything:

The long night
The Monkey thinks how
To catch hold of the moon.

I love homemade banana chips made in my food dehydrator. I add a little extra flavor to mine by dipping the bananas in lemon juice before drying. Yum! Now that makes my mouth water.


Cassie said...

That Counting Crocidiles book looks really fun!

Christina Gutke said...

I had the greatest time chatting with you in the library the other day!! I just read about your banana chips! I love to make them on my dehydrator too!! I soak mine in honey water and then in lemon juice!! They are so tasy!