Friday, February 20, 2009

funny books

Here are two very funny and odd books that I found the other day while looking for something completely different. My friends Annie and Katy would call these "crazy what-evs" books. And they would be right. This first one,
Hiding Hoover by Elise Broach with pictures by Laura Huliska-Beith is about two kids who can't have a pet because Dad says "NO." But then, they find a dragon in their backyard during a rain storm, and and who can resist and wet hungry dragon. Well they bring the dragon in and feed it and decide no matter what they have to keep it.

This second one reminds me of a friend of mine. Boris is very very neat. He is the cleanest person in Booville. Unfortunately his closest neighbor, Bella is a complete slob. They hate eachother of course. But when they both decided to through parites just so they can NOT invite the eachother, they are both thwarted by Harry Beastie's Biggest Ever Halloween Bash. Well, they both end up crashing the party and they both like to dance. Well, all I can say about this book and my very clean friend is that I hope someday he find his Bella and she helps him to be a little bit messier sometimes.

Read Boris and Bella by Carolyn Crimi and Gris Grimly You'll laugh and love it.

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Kate said...

Sarah!! This is awesome!! I want to read these books. They sound crazy what-evs. HA! Love it! Hope you're doing great. I love hearing about all these books. It keeps me updated.