Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Book Club

All my life I've imagined being part of a book club that only read books on my 10,000,000,001 book long book list. Of course I gave up looking for it and trying to organize it because no one wants to read the types of books on my list for fun . . . Classics.

Then, one wonderful day one of my neighbors said,

"Sarah, it's my turn to pick a book for my book club and I need help. We only read classics."

"Oh," I tried not to sound too excited. "I'm trying to read Middlemarch by George Elliot. Have you read that one yet?"
"We're discussing Middlemarch at the beginning of next month. Do you want to come."

And that is the short conversations that got me into the best book club in town.

Am I a dork because I want to read classics? I'm trying to make up for my skimming years in college or something. And I love the discussions.

This month we're reading the first half of The Brother's Karamazav.

The other thing is I'm not a fast enough reader for book clubs and especially not this type of book club. But I've been told I have a talent for listening and picking up details. So, here is my secret . . . Free downloadable audio recordings of volunteer readers reading books now in the public domain. Classics! Yippy! Now I can read my classics and do other stuff too.

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