Friday, October 5, 2007

Next Stop: Silly

This weeks storytime was all about Space. We had so much fun reading spacey books, singing songs about stars, and counting backwards from 5 (that was an addition by one of my little listeners.) We built rockets out of toilet paper tubes and flew them home. I asked one little girl where her rocket was going to take her. She said her rocket was definitely going to Philadelphia. Another little girl said her rocket was headed for Chili, yes Chili, and her little sister, not wanting to be left out of the travel fun, suggested that their rockets visit Chili and then go on for a trip to Silly, a country I've visited a few times, but it's not clearly charted on any maps. We all giggled excitedly about that one. Them my little crew waved goodbye.

Something tells me they won't have any trouble finding Silly.


Heather said...

You are an awesome librarian, so flexible. A great characteristic for the future.

The Story of Giraffe by Guido Pigni

Ellen said...

Being silly makes you laugh and laughing lowers your blood pressure. Good job Sarah

- Matt -

Ellen said...

I loved you silly story and the way you let the children make their own additions to your activities. You are truly a great Children's Librarian.