Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday or Monday!

Today I dumped an entire cart of books on the floor! I'll be so very excited when this day and week are over and I can go hang out in Boston! Fall colors here I come.

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Mary said...

I REALLY want to see you!! Are you going to Texas for Thankgiving (and the wedding) or what? I mostly just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for the Little Women allusion; I've been waiting and waiting for someone to come through for me with that one; I should have know it would be you. :) Sorry about the books, but will you have SO much fun in Boston for me? And I don't know how packed your trip is going to be, but if you can you should swing through Concord and see Walden (since it's the inspiration for my future career living in a van down by the river). I LOVE YOU!!