Saturday, May 10, 2008

What I do? Or Reasons to be Glad You are not the Boss.

This week has been a special week at work. It has also been finals week, which has been special all by itself. I don't want to complain, because I just read a lovely blog post about one of my friend's challenges and achievements and not complaining about them. So, I would just like to share some special moments from my week, and mostly from today, my Saturday as the Boss of the library.

Let's go in Chronological order here:

Wednesday, I got to report to my coworkers about what I've learned this past semester. That was a little like sitting for a board of judges. They asked be questions about what they learned in library school and I had to try to answer with what I learned.

Then I got to go to Head Start for my last First Book storytime of the season. Then, back to the library where I accidentally ran into the Mayor having a meeting with all of the staff. Oops! I forgot about the Mayor!

It's a good thing I could make it up to myself by doing a long distance interview, talking to my director, and going home earlier than usual. (I still put in a full day, but it's a treat to go home before 6:30 around here.)

Thursday, I'm sitting at the desk when all of the sudden, BOOM! A large man who had come in with a group hit the floor of the children's department and started convulsing. I've been a witness to seizures before, but nothing this big (the man or the seizures). His group of friends included some trained professionals, which was good, because all I thought to do was move some books out of the way and look rather silly as I watched.

Saturday, was the best of all. I'm not actually out at a service desk. I'm in my office doing some work and answering any supervisory questions that come my way. This is how it went . . . I started out the day with two of my staff members misreading the schedule and coming late, continued on with a run to Radio Shack for some adaptors. Went ahead with the usual angry patrons, flushed a severely maimed fish from our library pond, and rounded out the afternoon with a trip to the men's restroom to clean up some one's sickness.

As I carried my mop and bucket (and can of disinfectant) back to the janitor closet I was thinking how great it would be to go back to just "schlepping" books. But I couldn't. I love my job!!! The good parts are too good to go back!


Reese said...

I was just thinking today how nice it would be to not be the boss. No responsibilities would be so nice!

Matt Schultz said...

Sarah, it sounds like you ought to learn the power of delegation. Especially with that mop and bucket part. . .

Delegation = relaxation! :)

Mary said...

I think you're cool. :)