Sunday, November 25, 2007

17 things I'M not allowed to do anymore

1. I'm not allowed to reheat soup any more.

I totally tried to burn down my apartment today. It all started yesterday when I made some great soup and left the rest on the stove for later. Well, later happened at about 1:30 today. I came home from church and turned the soup on to warm. Then I checked my messages, and Grandma had called to invite me over for dinner. So, I put my coat back on and ran out the do, completely forgetting about the soup, until . . . 5:00 when I came home and looked in the sink. There was my soup pan black and soaking. My roommate had come home and found it on, turned it off, put it in the sink, and left again. I don't know where my brain is today, but I feel horrible for leaving the soup on the stove. That's why I'm not allowed to reheat soup any more, at least not on the stove. From now on, all my reheating must be confined to a timed, automatic shut-off microwave.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Do you have a microwave? And where is this new apartment? And who is this roommate?
I love you.