Sunday, November 18, 2007

Six Things of Me

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I always watch the seat belt demonstration on airplanes. It's true. I usually also take out my "features of the aircraft" card and follow along, but sometimes I'm by a talkative person so I just watch the seat belt demonstration, quickly check for my nearest exit (just in case) being sure to make mental note if it's behind me, then I go on with the flight and life.

I'll always pick fruit over candy. I think this is because of my near-candy-less upbringing. I always go for the apples before I head for the chocolate. Dried fruit with a sugar coating sometimes throws me, but I think I like fresh better.

I prefer not to sleep with my feet facing the door. Don't ask me why. I just like to have my feet pointing into the room instead of out. I guess it makes me feel like I'm staying instead of going.

I get sweater envy. When I see someone with a cool sweater I really want it. I buy a new sweater every season. Is it healthy? No. But it's warm.

I like to have at least two napkins when I eat. One for my lap in case I drop something and one on the table by my hand for easy access to wiping my mouth. I'm a messy eater.

I sometimes get the feeling I'm being watched. I know we all get that feeling, but when I say "being watched" I mean like I'm the main character in a movie and everyone is watching. This really isn't healthy, but it happens. So I pretend like I've got it all under control and I don't notice that I'm on the big screen and I try really hard to be extra nice to people and not trip and fall.


Lorraine said...

You kill me. This was the most awesome post ever. I mean it, and I am not joking. And you should go see Enchanted. With some other girls. I love you!

Ellen said...


I loved your comments on this post.
I could see my self in the napkin one.

You are an awesome writer you really need to start a book or something.
Love ya

Ellen said...
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DangGina said...

Tee hee...I like your lists. And I also like the way you state things. Informative in a fun way. Maybe it's because you like words? In any case, you sure are good with them!