Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home.

Each Tuesday night I try to get off early so I can be fed and ready for the night's weekly branch activity. I go with one thought in mind . . . "who can I meet this week?" and I'm not talking about eligible bachelors. Every week, I walk it to blank stares. Every week I meet some people and learn some more names. Every week I say good bye at the end of the night and hear the sound of one lone cricket trailing after me as I receive a stare filled send off. The next week I try again.

You'd think after a month (and a few dozen new conversations) I wouldn't be feeling so stared down, but I'm still wondering if these people know my name, or even care. And more importantly, I'm really wondering if they know each other's names, or if I just moved into the 1st Singles Branch dedicated soully to meeting the spiritual and social needs of Zombies between the ages of 21 and 30.

Okay, I just made it sound really bad. I've actually cracked some of these tough nuts and have made some new friends, and no one has tried to eat me . . . yet. But beyond that, I'm fishing for advice.

I'm not going to be giving any talks or lessons anytime soon, but I see something here that has to change, or even I will get tired of trying to meet people and get sucked into Zombie Land. (I can only imagine how less social people fell.) What can I do as a normal member to promote friendship and fellowship among branch members who don't know anyone and don't care.


Kathryn said...

Maybe if you have a fun little game/movie get together with a few friends in the ward it'll start the trend. Then everyone will be having little parties and being social. I'm sorry you're living in zombie high! hahaha

Rebecca said...

Boy, do I know what you mean about the blank stares and no one caring to meet you--that's pretty much my whole experience for my first 8 months in Austin. You can keep cracking those nuts, though--you have such a sunny personality! And maybe you should wear some red shoes, so they know that you mean business.

Heather said...

Our Bishop and Stake president gave talks on getting out of our "comfort zones" in our ward and meet new people. It is not just in single wards. Keep up the good work. One quote: "By small and simple things" WE are the small things and I don't know anything more simple then a zombie.

Sar said...

Ha! That is wonderful, thank you

Chelsea said...

SING!!! Works for me every time. and it would work for you to. But you are just amazing even trying to be the friendly one. I always have the attitude of screw it! so no wonder it took me 4 months to get a friend in my Boston singles ward (who are not zombies but stuck up harvard law students. i think i'll take zombies!)

love you and if i was there- i would be your friend!

Michael Archibald said...

Just show up with some beer and chips one night... lol okay, bad idea. Seriously though, I think if you keep being social and start inviting people to do things outside of church pretty quickly people will start forming friendships... then it's goodbye zombies!!!