Friday, February 8, 2008

Almost my favorite Holiday!

Friends, I'm so excited! It's almost here. One more week and Valentine's Day will come. For some unknown reason I LOVE Valentine's Day. I love making little paper hearts and writing silly little notes on them. I love wearing pink all day, and I love heart-shaped sugar cookies with sprinkles on top.

I've never had a love for Valentine's Day. Never got flowers from someone special or found some sappy love note on my car during my lunch hour. Every Valentine's dance I've ever been to has been girls' choice. And yet, there is something in me that will not succumb to the woeful state of calling Valentine's Day "single awareness day," or be sad that I don't have a valentine to cook heart-shaped waffles for. I guess it's hope that keeps me floating. I know I don't have to be sad because somewhere, there is someone who is dreaming of heart-shaped waffles as he puts on his red and white striped tie to go to work and make the best of the Holiday of Love!

P.S. - Keep an eye out for your copy of my Valentine news letter. It might be more of a St. Patrick's Day thing this year. xoxoxo

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Rebecca said...

I've been hearing about this Valentine's newsletter, so I'm excited to see it this year. Hope this is your most magical and pink-filled Valentine's yet!