Friday, February 15, 2008

Big news for children's books

Did you hear about this?

Jon Scieszka, that author whose name everyone remembers but no one can say has been named as our first National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. (The way they put that makes me think, "Oh good. I needed an ambassador." Even though I'm not the "young people" they are talking about. I don't know why they couldn't just say, "National Ambassador for Children's Liturature." Maybe that doesn't cover 0-18 anymore. Maybe they were trying to include me.)

Do you want to know what he says about it?

I always love reading the question answer articles. It seems like they go so much faster for me. I was just thinking, if every book was set up like a magazine, with a new chapter ever one-four pages, I'd blast though books much faster. But that's just me.


Ben said...

Howdy Sarah!

I've taken the liberty of adding your blog to our "friends and family" section on our blog. Hope you don't mind! Email me sometime!

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Ryan & Camilla said...

Sarah, I know that those are your shoes under your left arm, but it sort of looks like a seagull. Can you see it? Like the blog. Check ours out!
ps-I'm really self-conscience if my spelling/grammar are correct because you are so english-smart.