Sunday, February 17, 2008

The funeral singer

What a wild and woolly week, or maybe just weekend. Saturday, I went to stake woman's conference and sang with Christie at her Great Aunt Bernice's funeral. Rewind a few days. Sunday night while we were talking about out plans for the next week Christi asked me if I would sing with her. Sure! I'm a pro at funeral singing. I've sung at 2 now. We decided to practice Monday night. But when I say practice, I really mean Christie and her mom handed me a song that I'd heard a couple of times, but didn't really know and then started running through it at break-neck speed. I realized halfway through the 3rd run that I was going to need to kick it up a notch. So, By the fifth time I had "For Good" by Steven Schwartz memorized and ready to go. I worked Tuesday night, and we practiced again Wednesday night.

Thursday, I took the suggestion of my sister-in-law and picked up The Ordinary Princess by M.M. Kaye

And I was asked out to the Institute after Valentine's dance. So that's what I did Friday night. So much fun.

Friday, at work I learned that author/illustrator Harry Horse died in 2007. It's so sad when good children's authors and illustrators die. It's also so sad sometimes just how much you can find about about a person on wikipedia. I hope I'm never famous enough to be on there - although I suppose all I'd have to do is add myself.


Heather said...

I helped out with a funeral this week too. We are expecting another soon. Someone once said Funerals come in groups. I am starting to believe them.

Heather said...
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Rebecca said...

Yay! You totally have to tell me how you liked it. I always thought the boy was so dreamy.