Sunday, April 27, 2008

Passing the Pot Luck Test

I love my Cousin's blog. It is my source for all that is good and edible. And she is just a cute blogger with lots of fun pictures and stories. I'm always printing off recipes that look good, and making my grocery lists and big plans to cook, and then I remember . . . "I'm a lone reed."

So, I magnet my favorite group recipes to the side of my fridge and wait for the right occasion to arise. Today, it was a pot luck. I was sooo excited I bought fresh parsley and then forgot to use it. I burned the sesame seeds while I was toasting them, and I got a LOT of dishes dirty all for one salad.

The Special Sesame Chicken Salad!

Yum yum. I put it all together and then thought, there are a lot of different things in here that people could hate. That didn't stop me though.

Confession: I've always had this secret (not a secret any more) desire to have the best dish at the pot luck party. I want to be the lady carrying home the empty dish and a handful of recipe requests.

I also know that the best way to check to see if a recipe is really worth it in bulk is to administer the Pot Luck Test! Take the unmarked item to a pot luck and see how it goes. Not so good? Well, I wouldn't make it again.

I'll stop keeping you hanging. On with the story. I took my salad with all it's questionable parts to my pot luck party, and it was the greatest hit! It was a really good pot luck, lots of yummy things to eat. I think I'll keep this special salad in my cookbook.


Natalie said...

YAY! I'm so glad it passed!! And I'm glad it made it into your cookbook :)

Mary said...

I miss You've Got Mail. I've been wanting to watch it for months (literally) now. Way to quote successfully.

AND I've alway thought that salad looked good. Maybe I could convince my roommate that she wants to make it with me. I'm a lone reed too.

Deep in the Heart of Texas said...

I forgot to thank you for the Tigger you sent B. It came in the mail the same day we left for Houston, so the "Thank You" was put off. But he loves it!
I'm glad the salad was such a hit. I secretly want everyone to rave about my recipies, too. Nat's are always good, I've learned. I've liked every recipe that I've made of hers.
Oh, I totally forgot you would recognize my "Flat Stanley" picture! You're a children's librarian, duh. My neice's class was doing the whole thing about sending their "flat selfs" on adventures. You probably know all about it! :)

Matt Schultz said...

Yeah, the salad was amazing! I went back for at least thirds. Thanks for the dirty dish sacrifice!

Ellen said...

I've made that Salad twice but only half the recipe, since there are only 4 of us. Dad loves it and so do I.

Yes, Nat's recipies are GREAT!