Monday, April 7, 2008

Wǒ Ài Nǐ, Ni ai wo, and other tender mercies.

Last night at midnight I needed to talk to my little sister, but she is in Taiwan and she was teaching an English class. So, instead of talking to my sister, I said my prayers and went to bed. I didn't go to sleep for some time because I was thinking about the state of my life - hence the reason I wanted to talk to Mary.

This morning I was doing some computer work and Mary popped up to chat. Right off the bat, she sent me this:

Wǒ Ài Nǐ, Ni ai wo

I love my sister. Even when she doesn't know that I need something really really badly, she always ends up sending me just the right thing. It's going to be a good Monday! We will make it so.


Mary said...

AWWWWWWWEE! Wo ai ni!!

Ellen said...

Oh, I love the sister connection you have. And I love talking to you too.
I do hope all is going well this week.

Katers said...

You're great! Don't forget it! Things will look up soon!