Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day!

So, Welcome to my world. I think I'm going to start calling Idaho "The World of Ice and Snow." Remember Last year? When it snowed on May 5th. Well, here it is. May 1 and white.

Could this day get any better . . . apparently it can, because when I got home from work, I found a letter from Taiwan in my mail box. Yep! My Sis. sent me lots of love. What do I need a man for when I have a little sister who sends little paper loves across the ocean for me. Look . . .

I got some close ups for you. This one made me laugh!

We can't send love long distance without saying, "mwah!" It's like some kind of unwritten rule.

I mean, come on. Compliments don't get better than this. Who else can I count on to boost my self esteem so colorfully?

And this is my all time favorite one. Especially since one of my other sisters told me she had a dream that I was dating a traffic cop. Thank you Mary, for making all Heather's dreams come true.

So, recap on this day: 1. It snowed which could have been bad, but it meant I got to wear my cute rain boots, so I'm good.
2. I had "like" 5 meetings which could have been yucky, but I was in charge, so they ended when I wanted them to.
3. Summer Reading is only one month away.
4. I got long distance Love.
5. I'm the luckiest girl!


Emily M said...

It's all true, too! What a good sis. I'm glad I got to see you on our snowy May Day!

Deep in the Heart of Texas said...

Aww, you have the nicest sister in the world! And for no reason at all, other than the fact that she loves you. I could take lessons from that girl.
By the way, you ARE a super model in my eyes. I always envy your fashion sense whenever we see you. Hey, when ARE we going to see you again?
And...yeah for summer reading!!

Mary said...

I love you!! I'm glad you got the love, FINALLY!!

Lorraine said...

man, I mean, girl, you ARE the luckiest girl in the world. I love you, too.

Ellen said...

I'm so glad you girls are taking care of each other. It's the best gift a mother could get.