Sunday, July 13, 2008

Raging rivers and calm lakes

About two weeks ago, I went hiking with friends up to Palisades Lake. Some of us went to the Lower Lake spot and some the the Upper Lake spot and one beyond. We all registered though.

Here we are chillin' on the way back and documenting the fun.

Here's the raging river. There had been so much wonderful water this year that the river overlapped onto the trail and we had to ford a little way. That was so much fun.


Kate said...

That day was THE BEST DAY!! Ha ha! Anyway, I am glad that you posted those pics. I loved that hike, the terrain and friends couldn't have been better!

Matt Schultz said...

Yeah, the part where we had to totally Rambo our way through dense foliage was intense, huh?! Thanks for coming!

Chelsea said...

Funness! I love Palasades! I miss you! I am coming home Labor Day weekend! I will be in IF on the 24th and 25th. Let's play!