Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumkin Carving

These are pumkins that I got from my garden this year!

Not all of them turned out good, but they all look pretty good in this picture!

This is Matt, getting ready to plunge into the job at hand.

This one is my job. I picked it because it has an extra long stem . . . and because I know I have more time and other options if this doesn't work out they way I always hope it will . . . . which means, fabulously.

And this is the final result. Happy early Halloween! Stay tuned for more thrilling pumpkin carving adventures.

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Lorraine said...

Love the carved results. We go so many places on Fridays because I'm not in charge. The other three moms asked me to teach Spanish and they wanted to pay me, so I told them I'd do it for free if Ellen could join their preschool group. They all take turns on Wednesdays for 2 hours. I teach every Friday, but only for 1 hour, and then whoever taught Wednesday has a field trip planned. Most of them are just free things around Lubbock that we've always wanted to do anyway.