Friday, June 13, 2008

Jumping for Joy!

I was thinking today about some of the things that make me jump for joy, probably because I had watermelon, and that is right up there at the top of my list. But it couldn't have been just that, because I had watermelon way after I thought about how happy I am to talk to good friends, and how excited I get when I learn a new song on the guitar and stay up way too late practicing.

Other things in the list include:
The orange color of the world during a really nice sunset
The smells of rain and lilacs and baking bread (not necessarily mixed together)
Discovering new things that I've never seen or known before
Getting to the end of a hard job
Warm blankets and soft pillows
Seeing things grow
Hearing that someone really really liked a book I gave them
Sharing my silly side and actually getting a laugh
and Songs that make me want to dance, dance, dance


Katy Jean said...

I am so glad you are posting again. I get so excited when i get on y our page and see a new post on here. There was a dry spell for awhile and it made me sad. I always love hearing from my Sarah!!

DangGina said...

I enjoy your thoughts. Really I do...

Robert, Jeana, and Brooke said...

It is great to know what makes you happy.