Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The First Day of the Happiest Month!

Happy 182nd day of the year.

Two years ago, around this time I was having the hardest time with life. For lots of reasons my heart was aching and I didn't know how to fix it. One morning I couldn't handle it any longer, so I called my mom . . . at 5:00am. (She's a early riser.) I started out the conversation by crying into the phone and when she asked me what was wrong I weeped out, "Oh, Mom. I'm the saddest girl in the world." (I've always been a little over dramatic.) My sweet mom paused for a few moments as if to take all of this in and then said, "Well, how can this be when it's the first day of the happiest month."

I love July! I always have. It truly is the happiest month. just think about it . . . it starts with a Bang and then follows up with watermelon and baseball and trips to the lake and the water park and rafting and hiking and washing cars and just sitting in the park having a good time. So, where ever you are in life, how ever you feel today, happy or sad or lonely or confused or frustrated or ordinary or fabulous, take a moment and think about how wonderful it is that today is the first day of the happiest month, and smile. (and if you're having a hard time this year, just think, you've made it half way.)

Loves Always,



DangGina said...

I concur; although July gets hotter (much, much hotter) than I feel like I can deal with...it sure is the happiest month of the year! Well said.

Natalie said...

not to mention that it ends on a good note, too ;)

Kate said...

Summer funtivities are always the best. I hope I get to spend much of those times with you!! Heart

Ellen said...

So good to hear your thinking this way. Positive is always the best.
Lead out in happiness and inspiration, That's my girl

Ellen said...
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