Monday, June 9, 2008

Six Things About Me. Take 2 . . .

So, in case you missed the first run . . . here are 6 more things about me that might not show on the outside.

1. I learned to tie my shoes in college. Yep, my freshman year I had a friend who was kind enough to teach me how to do the double-spin tight tennis-shoe tie, and I've never tied my shoes with a single knot since. The tricky part is it looks like a single knot. But it isn't.

2. I like climbing on rocks. Love it, actually. I like rock climbing with ropes and friends, but I also like just going out to a big pile of very large rocks and climbing around, in and out and under and through. My favorite place is up by Rexburg, ID. It's lovely and the rocks are big and easy to climb.

3. Some of my favorite books I read because they were a boy's favorite book. The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton was one of those type of books. So was Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters by J.D. Salinger. Both now favorites of mine. But The Catcher in the Rye was not one of those books. I read that one for myself.

4. I always put in and take out my left contact first. I don't know why. Can anyone tell me if this has something to do with being "right-brained." Who knows?

5. I'm a skipper. I love to skip. And when I say skip, I don't mean "skip class." I mean, I like to put a little hop into my step sometimes. Instead of stairs, my library has a ramp, and I never tell the children not to run down the ramp because, secretly, I want to run down it every time. One day, while I was thinking, I would like to run down this ramp, I got really excited and just did a little skip instead. A friend of mine saw me, and to this day, he has not let me live it down. I'm a skipper. I like to skip.

6. Sonic is my favorite fast food restaurant because their drinks remind me of snow cones and I love snow cones, so going there is like getting snow cones year round. My favorite is a lime slush with white coconut, which always reminds me of summer. But I just discovered something fantastic. Snow Cone Flavor: Cherry slush with white coconut and vanilla. I'm in love.


DangGina said...

The lemon berry slush basically rocks my world; Sonic is great for that reason alone. Also...I alwyas put my left sock on first. And the left shoe. I don't think, at least in my case, that it has anything to do with right-brain-ed-ness (not a word!), because I'm SO far from artsy I could weep.

Alice said...

Thanks for sharing!! One of my friend taught me how to tie shoes, when I was in high school.