Sunday, July 13, 2008

The long awaiting story of my trip to Taylor Mountain

Off on the southern side of Idaho Falls, you can sometimes see a hazy cloud around a very green and inviting foot hill. The hill is called Taylor Mountain, and my friend's mom told me once, like an old wise woman from a fairy tale, "No good can come to someone who goes up to those parts . . . Especially at night!" Que dramatic music. Taylor Mountain all of the sudden became Witch Mountain in my mind.

Well, one Friday night, way back when, I went shooting with one of my friends and he decided the best place to go was Taylor Mountain. He knew some people with land up there . . . So we went, during the daylight hours, of course, and had a grad time shooting pistols and pictures. I couldn't figure out how to get my target up here, so you just have the pictures, but here they are! Not as Witch Mountain-esq as I would have hoped, but beautiful.

A broken down fence next to a rambling brook.

A lovely little water fall on that same brook. There were a few of these. It was a great brook.

A hill with a rock on it. That rock has a tree growing out of it. Isn't it amazing how trees can grow almost anywhere.

And the aspen forest. So beautiful, so green.

Here is my personal favorite, the Mountain Blue Belle, is what they call this, I think. It looks a little out of place here, but I'll take a Blue Bonnet (the Texas state flower) any way I can get it. See Lorraine, I found one this year. :)

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