Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sounder . . . a short reflective essay

Why I am glad I finally finished reading Sounder

First of all, I can't believe my 5th grade teacher read this to us. Secondly, I know why it's a Newbery Medal winner. And third, I wonder what other shocking things I experienced in 5th grade that I've blocked out.

I can only imagine what Mark Twain would say about William H. Armstrong. It's probably a good thing they didn't live at the same time.

But to Armstrong's credit, not just anyone could write a book like this and sell it as children's fiction. Wow!

Well, I'm being a little to dramatic really. Sounder won the 1970 Newbery award because it is very well written, it discusses critical issues is a child's point of view, and it's very literary. The end and the beginning are tied together very well, and the story flows. It's just that . . . it was like reading James Joyce.

I'm glad I read it. I'm not sad I'm finished.

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